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Backyard wedding in Lodi, California – It was a really nice backyard!

Please take 38 seconds to allow me to introduce myself:

“Relax, I am a professional” – Becker

Thanks for making it this far… I am excited to share my passion with you!

But first, I just want to say a few words about my style, then I’ll let the images speak for themselves.

My goal at each and every wedding that I shoot, is to show up as if I were an old friend with a fancy camera. I want to just blend in and be a part of the day, which allows me to comfortably capture my signature “relaxed portraits” and real moments (with some amazing details sprinkled in). I promise not to turn your day into a photo shoot. Most of the images I take are of the events of the day, and moments as they naturally occur. And when it comes time to take the “posed pictures”, I feel my gift is making people feel comfortable in front of the camera.

When you’re looking at my images, I hope you’ll notice how natural and comfortable the people look. No forced smiles, no cheesy poses, no unflattering angles, no bad light. I’ve been shooting for a long time and I am passionate about creating images that you’ll love. I’ll find the good light, I’ll shoot you from the right angle, and I’ll put you at ease. We’ll get a real smile and capture the real you… or perhaps a slightly better looking version of yourself!

Here are 100 images that I feel define my style. They follows the typical order of events of a wedding day. I like to arrive early and get some behind the scenes shots of the girls getting ready. I shoot the details like the dress, the shoes, the flowers, etc… then even though you ladies take a little longer to get ready… we shoot the bridal portraits first, that way you can be tucked away before the guest start arriving.

I’ll then spend a few minutes with the groom and his guys, take a few shots of him and his folks, then we just shoot the ceremony as it happens is a quiet, respectful fashion. Afterwards we’ll spend 15-20 minutes shooting the formal family portraits & wedding party. Then we’ll spend a little more time shooting just the couple. After that… just enjoy your reception and trust me and my team to capture the spirit of the celebration. We shoot the entire reception from a journalistic standpoint, never interrupting or posing, or prompting or staging anything… just have fun and we’ll shoot it! Of course if you’d like some candids of you and your college roomies or co-wokers… we’re happy to take those kinds of shots too.

Blue suede shoes?

I always shoot the dress before you put it on.

I don’t have a shoe fetish. Really, I don’t! ;-)

I love showing up early and getting all the behind the scenes moments.

That moment when dad first sees his little girl in a wedding dress is always quite special.

My favorite part of every wedding is shooting the bridal portraits. There’s just something about shooting a girl who’s all dressed up, looking good, and experiencing the day she’s been dreaming about for her entire life. My goal is to obviously capture images that make them look beautiful, but I also aim to make them FEEL beautiful and capture their true self.

I take a few shots of the guys too (just not as many!)

Often my favorite shots of the guys are taken when they aren’t even aware that I am shooting them.

If you just remember to laugh at my jokes, we’ll get along just fine!

Don’t these guys look like troublemakers?


I’ve been flown all over the world to shoot some pretty incredible weddings. I love shooting the details and scenery. It’s nice to blend these kinds of shots into your album.

Garvan Gardens is a gorgeous chapel in the woods near Hot Springs, Arkansas

Parker Ranch, Trabuco Canyon, CA

Pelican Hill, Newport Coast, CA

The real moments that occur right before the ceremony, especially those between a bride and her father, are incredible special.

The Ketubah signing at the Casa del Mar Hotel, Santa Monica, CA

On the left: The bride doesn’t let a little rain dampen her spirits. On the right, headed to the church in Galway, Ireland.

The kids are always so adorable.

This is one of my favorite photos of all time. Probably because these two are friends of my family and I’ve known the bride since she was about 6. I also know how much her father loved his youngest daughter. He fought cancer for several years but did manage to walk her down the aisle before he passed away.¬†From my perspective… I just try to blend in and capture moments as they unfold. I’d never interrupt these special moments by saying, “Cheese… look over here!”

Foggy day at the Ritz Carlton, Laguna Niguel.

I love the way these two are looking at each other. Napa Valley, CA

Wedding in a forest at the Santa Lucia Preserve, Carmel Valley, CA

Proud Father at the Ponte Winery, Temecula, CA

I love the expressions in this image.

When photographing the ceremony… we try to be like ninja’s. Unobtrusive, respectful, but will to do whatever it takes to get the shots. I love shooting with a wide angle lens to capture the entire scene, and a long telephoto lens to get in close without being in everyone’s way.

Majestic, natural cathedral at the Santa Lucia Preserve, Carmel Valley, CA

St. John Lateran at The Vatican, Rome, Italy

Backyard garden wedding in Lodi, CA

FWIW… no one helped him!

Private estate, Maui.

Eiola Mansion, Waterford, Connecticut

St. Francis Xavier, St. Louis, MO

A little rain wasn’t going to ruin this beautiful union on Lake Como, Italy

Tell your folks not to worry, I’ll be certain to take those traditional family portraits… but of course I’ll do it in my relaxed comfortable style. Just get in close, laugh at my jokes and it’ll be over before you know it!

Here are some of my favorite relax portraits. I love shooting the couple alone after the ceremony. I just look for good light, then I let the couple interact and play. I know they’d rather look at each other than at me and my camera. Of course I’ll need a little attention, but for the most part, just have fun and relax. You’re in good hands and I’ll make sure you look amazing!

San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington.

L’Auberge de Soleil, Napa Valley

I love that the groom is wearing flip flops… my kind of guy for sure!

Beach portrait, Bermuda

“Don’t mind us sir… we’re just taking some photos here”. FYI… this wasn’t staged. But when I saw the guy walking by, instead of stopping and waiting for him to pass… I just kept shooting and got great reactions from the couple.

We know how much time you spend planning your wedding, not to mention the money you invest into making the day perfect. We always try to capture the amazing details that make your day unique.

During the reception, we go into a “don’t speak unless spoken too mode”. I’m not going to tap you on the shoulder during your first dance and ask you to pose for me. Just dance! Enjoy the moment and I’ll capture it as it happens.

Girls just want to have fun!

Thank you, thank you, thank you if you’ve made it this far. Go ahead and see some actual complete weddings, or if you are ready to hire me… just get in touch!